Catherine McGlinchey

Catherine McGlinchey has been a music educator with Music Generation Sligo since 2017, tutoring on the Discovering Music, Con Tutti and Discovering & Performing Music Schools Programmes (Vocals).  She enjoys playing and listening to a range of musical genres including classical, traditional and blues/jazz.

Catherine’s love of music was nurtured from an early age when she learned traditional Irish music on the piano accordion & tin whistle while also training in classical music learning clarinet and piano. As a youth she played clarinet in a brass and reed orchestra, directed a children’s choir and performed as church organist tutored by Gabriel Kelly of Westport.

Having graduated from UCD with an MSc and had a successful professional career as a community development/family support project manager and trainer, Catherine recognised that music, in particular singing is a powerful medium for children and adults to personally develop and have fun in both formal and informal settings.  She reconnected with her musical roots and attained a Diploma in Community and Group Music Education at the RIAM and joined the MGS team. She is a firm believer in the power of music and singing to promote well-being, reduce stress and encourage connection.

In addition to her work with schools in Sligo, Catherine directs two community choirs in Sligo and Mayo.  In 2019 Catherine was tutored by jazz saxophonist Willie Dubois of Clavithèque, Orlèans and performed in Paris and Orlèans as saxophonist with French ensemble, L&Co.