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Music Generation Sligo invests in €60,000 Instrument Bank with Schools & Music Organisations

December 2013 – February 2014

Music Generation Sligo has awarded almost €30,000 to schools and youth/music organisations under a new funding scheme to purchase musical instruments worth almost €60,000 in 2013/2014. The scheme will benefit up to 3,500 young people in Sligo.

Music Generation Sligo this week informed 21 applicants – 14 primary & post primary schools and 7 music organisations  – that their applications for 50% of the cost of instruments have been successful and together, they will work to build up music instrument banks for the purpose of new and expanded tuition programmes and performances for almost 3,500 young people all around County Sligo. The scheme, which is supported by Music Generation national and local partners, will grant-aid 50% of the cost of each local instrument bank and purchase instruments including trombones, recorders, guitars, digital pianos, violins, fiddles, banjos, concertinas, accordions, drums, a harp, a harpsichord and more… generating more music for a new generation of musicians.

According to one of the applicants “An Instrument Bank can afford young people taking up music the opportunity to learn and experiment with various instruments, without being a significant cost to their parents or guardians.  It can also allow every child who wants to learn music to do so by removing barriers such as socio-economic status or geographic location.”

Rhona McGrath, Co-ordinator, explained that “initially we advertised a €20,000 fund, but the assessment panel was so impressed at the vision articulated by the schools and organisation for the future of performance music education for young people in Sligo and the quality of applications, that a decision was made to increase the fund to €30,000.” She applauded the boards of management, teachers, committees and musicians who took the time to make an application and find the necessary 50% match funding investment to expand or create new instrument banks across the county with Music Generation Sligo.

Instrument and Resources Library

Music Generation Sligo, in partnership with the Coleman Centre, Gurteen and Taylors Art Gallery & Music Centre has established an instrument and resources library.

The instruments and equipment are currently being used in the Discovering & Performing Music Programme and the Band Rehearsal Room at The Crib, Rockwood Parade.

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Rehearsal Room

Music Generation Sligo, in partnership with Foroige, has established a rehearsal room at The CRIB for musicians, bands and groups – a space to think and play and get creative. For information about membership fees and access times contact:

Music Generation Sligo Rehearsal Rooms at The CRIB (Foroige), Rockwood Parade, Sligo Town. Telephone: 071 9146526